Mr. Jimenez's Geometry

                                    Welcome To                                                                 Mr Jimenez's                                                               Geometry Classroom

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                                                                                               In this page you will be able to find nightly videos, classwork and other resources to help you                                                                                                    be successful this year. Videos will be uploaded the night befpre they are to be watched. The                                                                                                      days classwork will be uploaded by end of school day for students who missed class. This will                                                                                                    not be easy, but I promise to work with you, and provide you with the necessary tools to be                                                                                                         successful in this class, this year! yes




For  this class you will need to buy a compass, Protractor and a ruler. You must have these supplies at home with you in order to be successful in this class. Make sure that you always


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